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Fire Department & First Responders

The Aberdeen and District Emergency Services Building is located in the Town of Aberdeen. The RM of Aberdeen currently has 20 firefighters and 12 first responders volunteering on our team. Our firefighters and first responders are both trained to provide on-site assistance in emergency situations.

Our firefighters undergo ongoing training aimed at providing a reinforcement of fundamentals combined with a continual awareness of technical change. Firefighters are trained in the equipment and methods used to suppress fire along with building construction styles (an awareness of how buildings react under fire conditions). Our firefighters also undergo ongoing training on vehicle extrication. New vehicle materials such as types of steel that cut, bend, and burn differently, as well as increases in the number of air bags throughout the vehicles pose new dangers and change the method in which they extricate a vehicle. New electric vehicles also pose new challenges and dangers that require different methods of extrication.

Our first responders undergo continual training for pre-hospital medical emergencies and are licenced by the Provincial Government. The licence must be renewed every two years. The first responders are equipped with an Emergency Medical Vehicle stocked with the necessary medical supplies as well as automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Neither our firefighters nor our first responders can transport patients, therefore, care of the patients is transferred to MD Ambulance or Stars upon their arrival to supply the necessary medical aide needed.

Firefighting Insurance:
Residents living in the country may require additional insurance to cover the cost of fighting the fire. Council would like to remind residents to contact your insurance company to ensure you have sufficient firefighting insurance. Neighbouring fire departments who are called to assist will charge by the hour and the residents who started the blaze will be responsible for all firefighting costs and charges.

Control Burns:
There are new regulations for registering your controlled burn. All controlled burns must be registered with the municipality by calling 306-253-4312 or Adrien Hamoline after hours and weekends at 306-230-1603. Then, you must register your burn with the Provincial Fire Center at 1-866-404-4911. The Provincial Fire Center has the ability to see where a call is coming from and if it's close to a reported controlled burn. If a passing motorist phones in to report a fire that you have not registered with the Municipality and the Provincial Fire Center, we will be forced to fine you $1000 plus the cost of materials used to extinguish the fire. It only takes a moment to make the call. DO NOT plan any controlled burns when the wind is blowing!
We would like to remind you that according to the Ministry of the Environment, it is illegal to burn grain bags on public OR private property.  Fines for burning grain bags can reach up to $1 million dollars based on the severity of the offense. The most relevant restrictions related to grain bag burning can be found in The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2002, under Section 4(1) – Prohibition on discharges and in The Clean Air Regulations under Section 11 – Prohibition, burning.ns