Public Notices

Dust Control

Council & Staff

Martin Bettker (306) 281-2273  reeverm373@outlook.com

Council Members
Division 1- Graham White             (306) 221-1219    Div1rm373@outlook.com
Division 2 - Mark Schaffel              (306) 380-9883    mark.schaffel12@gmail.com
Division 3- Kevin Kirk                   (306) 221-7489    ktkirk@sasktel.net
Division 4- Real Hamoline             (306) 253-4608 
Division 5- Paul Martens               (306) 280-0512
Division 6- Jim Korpan                  (306) 220-3443

RM of Aberdeen Office

Darryl Klassen

Pest Control Officer
Denis Boyenko

Denis will be doing site visits throughout the spring and summer months. If you believe you or a neighbour has a rat infestation, please contact Denis at 306-220-8996 or contact the RM Office.

Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Mike Hulbert

Mike Hulbert served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 1984 until his retirement
in 2013. He is currently serving as an Auxiliary RCMP Officer in addition to serving
as Bylaw Enforcement Officer for the RMs of Aberdeen and Grant and the Towns of Vonda and Prud'homme.

To avoid a visit from the Bylaw Enforcement Officer and possible fines, please familiarize yourself with the RM’s bylaws.

Population - 1379 (2016 Census)