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Emergency Measures Organization

"In Saskatchewan, municipalities are obligated to establish emergency plans by The Emergency Planning Act, 1989 which also gives council the responsibility for the direction and control of a municipal emergency response in order to take action to implement the plan and to protect the property, health, safety and welfare of the public." - Government of Saskatchewan,, Web.

The RM of Aberdeen in conjunction with the Town of Aberdeen has established an Emergencies Measure Organization (EMO) committee with the purpose of developing emergency procedures for dealing with emergency situations. The EMO assist and manage the response to emergencies that are of a large-scale and non-routine nature. Such emergencies would include but are not limited to Largescale Wildfires, Tornado, Flood, Derailment of Dangerous Goods, Largescale Explosions, Largescale spills and any other dangerous event that would impact a large part of the local population.

The Incident Command System (ICS) is the management model which is used. It is structured very much like the military which allows for more strategic allocation of resources and utilizes a tiered centralized command system. It is now the generally accepted model used across North America.

The EMO committee is made up primarily of volunteers as well as some council representatives from the Town and RM. The EMO is always in search of new volunteers. If you would like to join the committee, please contact the RM office for more information.