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Beaver Control Program

The RM of Aberdeen pays a beaver bounty of $30/tail for beavers trapped within the RM of Aberdeen.

Please keep track of the dates, number of beavers trapped, and the locations the beavers were removed from (LLD or GPS coordinates to three digits). This information must be presented to the RM Foreman alongside the beaver tails. The Foreman will submit these forms to the RM Office in order to be authorized for payment.

The RM’s program runs from June 1st, 2023 to December 31st, 2023. Only individuals authorized/contracted by the RM with valid trapping licenses issued by the Ministry of Environment will be permitted to remove nuisance beavers.

  1. Authorized licensed individuals are required to deliver the beaver tails to the RM Foreman at the RM Shop after arranging a time with the RM Office. The Foreman must mark them with paint or a notch so they are not re-used in this or any other rebate program.
  2. For each authorized/contracted individual, the RM of Aberdeen must submit the following information:
    • Name of the authorized licensed individual;
    • Trapping license number and valid date of trapping license;
    • Legal land description or GPS coordinates of the agriculture land where the nuisance beavers were removed and being claimed for;
    • Number of beaver removed from each location reported; and
    • Date of removal for each location listed

Trapper Verification Form - Trappers must have a valid and current license number through the Ministry of Environment at the time their service is provided to the RM for the purpose of Beaver Control.

Please visit the Government of Saskatchewan’s website for more information & regulations on trapping in the Province of Saskatchewan.