Public Notices

Development Permits

All new yard sites, new commercial sites, new approaches, and changes to the location of an existing approach require a Development Permit. To apply for a Development Permit, the RM requires the application form be filled out correctly, a site plan, and if a building is going to be built or moved on, a copy of the building plans. The site plan should show the distances of the site from the property lines, any existing structures or bodies of water, the location of driveway, and if known, any utility lines that are on the property. There is a $100 fee for Development Permits that is due at the time of the application.

Once the application, fee, and all necessary supplemental documents have been received, it will be presented to the RM Council for approval at the next regularly scheduled council meeting. A site visit by the Councillor of the corresponding division or Road Crew Foreman will be required for all driveway/culvert placements prior to the application being approved. In an effort to speed the process, we recommend contacting the Councillor or Foreman prior to the application being presented to council.

After the Development application has been approved, the Permit will be mailed to the property owner. All buildings being built or moved onto the property will also require a building permit. Applications for a building permit can be submitted once the Development Permit has been approved.

Application Form