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The Rural Municipality of Aberdeen #373

RM Aberdeen OFFICE

Regular Council Meetings are held on the 2nd THURSDAY of each month but may be changed by council. Meetings start at  8:00 am (unless changed by council).

Next Meeting: December 9th, 2021



The RM of Aberdeen No. 373 has partnered with OptionPay to provide Credit Card Transaction Services for the RM. If you would like to pay an invoice via creditcard, please follow the link by clicking in the OPtionPay logo above.

*Please be advised that OptionPay is a user pay system and the administrative fee for the transaction will be accessed at time of payment.


Winter Snow Removal - Reminder

We strive to provide a fair and equal service during and after snowstorms.  Our main high traffic grid roads, along with our country residential developments, receive top priority.  Bus routes encompass our whole road network, so they get cleared as a matter of course with all other roads, but in extreme conditions bus routes are given priority.  Not everyone can be first served, but we do alternate our routes each time out to be as fair as possible.  If you rely on the rural municipality for custom work, please note that the rural municipalities policy is to clear all roads first before any private custom work is done.

Be Patient and Be Safe.

Newsletter & Upcoming Events can be found under the Community Info tab.

The RM of Aberdeen No. 373 has a facebook page. Like our page to receive up to date information on road conditions, events, and happenings in the office.

Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Withdrawals:
Anyone currently insured by the Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance that is wishing to withdraw their coverage for 2021 must do so prior to March 31st, 2021.
Owners of land may withdraw all, but not part, of their cultivated land from the operations of the Municipal Hail Insurance Act by filing a withdrawal application with the Association on or before March 31st. SMHI Withdrawal Form

Grain Bag Recycling:
Cleanfarms has taken over the grain bag recycling program. Rolled, clean grain bags are accepted at the Loraas Collection Site at Highway 12 & Lutheran Rd, SE 16-38-5 W3. Located on Lutheran Road, 1/2 mile East of Highway 12 North in the RM of Corman Park. For more information please see the cleanfarms website at:

Garbage pickup:
If you have a roll-out cart for garbage pickup, please remember to move your cart back on to your property after garbage day. Garbage carts left on the road or municipal right-of-way pose a hazard to motorists and snow plow machinery. Carts damaged by passing vehicles are the sole responsibility of the owner.

If you have a roll-out cart and would like to add recycling pickup to your service, please contact Iain Macfarlane at Loraas disposal at 306-242-2300.

Transfer Station:
The transfer station hours are posted as Wed & Sat 10:00am - 5:00pm - please respect these hours and note that all refuse must be unloaded by 5:00pm (gates lock at this time). **Please note** Stretchy plastic can NO longer be recycled and must be included with your household garbage.

Noxious Weeds:
The RM has a dedicated weed inspector to help control the spread of noxious weeds in the area. Please be on the lookout for some of these common species found in our area. Should you believe that any of these species are present, please let them RM office know and we will arange a visit from our inspector.

Wild Parsnip: wild parsnip
Be on the lookout for Wild Parsnip aka Poison Parsnip. While the roots are edible, the leaves can be very harmful to humans and pets. Wild parsnip is designated a noxious weeds and resembles the appearance of dill plants. Wild parsnip produces a chemical in its sap and if skin contact is made can result in severe and painful second degree burns, blisters, or rashes. If the sap gets into the eyes, it has the potential to cause permanent blindness. Some cases of wild parsnip have been found in the ditches in the RM of Aberdeen. If found, please report the plant to the RM office. For more information CLICK HERE

Bylaw Enforcement Officer:
To avoid a visit from the Bylaw Enforcement Officer and possible fines please familiarize yourself with the RM’s bylaws. Our bylaws are accessible on our website in addition to being accessible for viewing at the municipal office. Photocopies of the bylaws may be prepared at $1 per page.

2021  Mill Rates: 
Municipal - 5.1 mills

Agricultural Property - 0.95 mills
Residential Property - 1.07 mills
Commercial Property - 2 mills
Resource (Oil&Gas/Mines& Pipelines)- 2 mills

All School Divisions:
Agricultural Property - 1.36 mills
Residential Property - 4.46 mills
Commercial Property - 6.75 mills
Resource (Oil&Gas/Mines& Pipelines)- 9.79 mills