Public Notices

Custom Work

Services Available are:

Residents are asked to phone the office or shop for bookings.

A Work Authorization Form will be required to be completed before custom work will be done. Work Authorization Forms can be found on the Forms page or be filled out at the office.
* Services are available to ratepayers only.

Custom Work Rates 
Ratepayers $120/hr + PST (min $60.00 before tax)
Developers $160/hr + PST (min $80.00 before tax)
Non Ratepayers $160/hr + PST (min $80.00 before tax)
Leave a message at the Shop 306-253-4330

* Custom work rates subject to change
* Ratepayers may receive 1 free driveway blading per year if the driveway and yard can accommodate the size of the grader. (grader must be able to turn around in the yard)